Irksome things

by stuart10er

One of the things that I find irksome is when I’ve spent numerous hours, well many hours, ok some hours, fine….a few minutes thinking of some concept that seems that no one has ever thought about something this way before only to find out that not only has some one already thought of it, but there is actually a word for it and it was commonly discussed in the 19th century. I’m catching up, I guess, at least I’m not reinventing ideas formulated by Irish monks in the 11th century.
The idea is that primarily there are two kinds of people in the world – much like Sherman Alexie posits – and they are those that think life and human life are two (or more) things – that is a body and a mind, a body and a soul, man and god – and those that understand that existence is really just one thing. A spectrum surely but not a duality but a monistic (as in single) view of the world.
Falling into the latter camp I find it equally irksome that people who are dualists don’t even understand that they are different in this fundamental way from the rest of us. The fact that there is a body and a soul is a given to them and they think the argument is just about which god(s) control the various bits of our dual existence. I find it irksome that they are so – and that there was a whole school of thought called Monism that I had never heard of and thought I invented myself.