What genre fiction is not….

by stuart10er

It seems to me that there is an embracing within the world of letters towards the marketing dynamics called Genre Fiction.  While I understand the concept of marketing novels into genres such as Mysteries, Romances, Fantasy, and Science Fiction, I think this does these works a disservice and slights the authors who write and then have novels published in these genres.

I think that it is acceptable that a book publisher and a book store should choose to market a novel within a genre.  This aids the consumer in finding and selecting works that they may wish to purchase and read.  However, for authors to self identify their works or their style within these genres is perhaps counterproductive to the writing process.  I wonder why they would seek the solace of a genre and then the question becomes if there is Genre Fiction, as opposed to what?  Some other kind of Fiction?  Is that meant to be Literature?  Is what is being said that Genre Fiction is not Literature or what is actually being said when we say Genre Fiction? An adjective divides the world into what something is versus what something is not.  A red car is red. Many things we do not know about this car, but one thing we know for certain is that the red car is NOT the blue car.  So, what is Genre Fiction not?